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On a cold and silent Christmas night, when the stars shone with a special intensity in the dark sky, an extraordinary event occurred that would forever change the course of eternity. At the highest reaches of the heavens, where angels danced among the radiant clouds, a celestial being named Lumiel, known for its dazzling light and devotion to creation, felt a shadow in its heart.

Lumiel, a radiant angel with golden wings and eyes reflecting purity itself, had always been a symbol of love and serenity in the celestial realm. However, a seed of dissatisfaction had taken root within. Despite participating in the creation of wondrous worlds and witnessing the joy of the creatures inhabiting them, Lumiel felt an inexplicable longing, a thirst for knowledge and experiences beyond divine limitations.

On that special night, Lumiel ventured beyond celestial boundaries, exploring the forbidden corners of the universe. In the quest for answers and meaning, it traversed unknown dimensions and defied divine laws. It was then that a melodic and seductive voice, belonging to a dark and mysterious entity, whispered tempting words into Lumiel’s ears. This malevolent being, known as Nocturna, promised Lumiel absolute knowledge and freedom to explore the deepest mysteries of the cosmos.

Seduced by the promise of understanding beyond divine creation, Lumiel chose to follow Nocturna. In doing so, its golden wings turned shadowy, its light faded, and its angelic essence became corrupted. It became the first fallen angel, banished from the heavens on Christmas Eve.

Lumiel’s fall left a trail of sadness and melancholy in the skies. The stars twinkled with sorrow as other angels watched in silence. Although Lumiel had chosen a dark path, its story became a legend that would remind celestial beings of the fragility of light and the temptation that lies in the pursuit of forbidden knowledge.

Since that day, Lumiel, now known as Lucius, wanders between realms, caught between the duality of its angelic nature and its newfound dark essence. Its fall on Christmas serves as a reminder that even in the holiest moments, temptation can stain the soul and alter the destiny of those destined for eternity.


Use flesh-colored yarn

R1: AR 6sc

R2: 6inc (12)

R3: (1sc, 1inc)x6 (18)

R4-6: 18sc

Note: Consider the front of your fabric (see video)

R7: (1sc, 1dec)x6 (12)

R8: 12sc

Fill and close with a wool needle, with the same thread make the cord.


Body and Wings

For each piece use the desired color

R1: MR 1ch, 12hdc, 1ss (12)

R2: 1ch, 12hdc inc, 1ss (24)

R3: 1ch, (1hdc, 1hdc inc)x12, 1ss (36)

R4: 1ch, (2hdc, 1hdc inc)x12, 1ss (48)

R5: (1ch, 1ss)x48

Secure and hide strands


To form the little angel I used silicone glue (see video)


Utilizar hilo color carne

R1: AM 6pb

R2: 6aum (12)

R3: (1pb, 1aum)x6 (18)

R4-6: 18pb

Nota: Considere el frente de su tejido (ver video)

R7: (1pb, 1dis)x6 (12) 

R8: 12pb

Rellenar y cerrar con aguja lanera, con la misma hebra hacer el cordoncillo.


Cuerpo y Alas

Para cada pieza utilice el color deseado

R1: AM 1c, 12mpa, 1pd (12)

R2: 1c, 12aum mpa, 1pd (24)

R3: 1c, (1mpa, 1aum mpa)x12 (36)

R4: 1c, (2mpa, 1aum mpa)x12 (48) 

R5: (1c, 1pd)x48

Asegurar y esconder las hebras


Para formar el angelito yo he utilizado pegamento silicon (ver video)

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