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Sure! The Grinch is a fictional character created by the author Dr. Seuss. He first appeared in the book titled “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” published in 1957. Since then, the Grinch has become an icon of Christmas culture.

The Grinch is a green, furry creature who lives in a cave atop Mount Crumpit, just north of Whoville. He has a heart two sizes too small and, as a result, dislikes Christmas entirely. The Grinch loathes the joy and festivity surrounding the Christmas season, and he decides to steal all the gifts, decorations, and food from the residents of Whoville to prevent them from celebrating Christmas.

As the Grinch steals the gifts and decorations, he expects to see sadness and dismay on the Whos’ faces when they wake up on Christmas morning. However, he is surprised to witness that despite the loss of their material possessions, the Whos continue to celebrate Christmas with joy and love. This leads the Grinch to have a change of heart, and his heart grows three sizes in that moment.

The story of the Grinch has been adapted in various forms, including animated and live-action films, as well as television specials. One of the most well-known adaptations is the 1966 animated film directed by Chuck Jones and the 2000 live-action film starring Jim Carrey as the Grinch. These adaptations have contributed to making the Grinch an iconic character of the Christmas season.


This pattern is for personal use only. Its copying, translation or distribution in any form is prohibited.

You can sell the final result of your amigurumi in any way you choose.

If you sell your finished item online please provide a link to our website in your description and thereby also support our project

Our Grinch are approx 24cm tall

Materials that I have used:

  • 100% Mercerized Cotton Yarn 3mm, Colors: Lemon Green, Leaf Green, Garnet Red, White
  • 100% acrylic thread, lemon or lime green, similar to the green you use for the body.
  • 2.5mm hook
  • Wool needle
  • Temporary marker
  • Scissor
  • 100% hypoallergenic filling
  • Pins
  • 10mm safety eyes
  • white felt
  • silicone glue


R: round

c: chain

MR: Magic Ring

sc: single crochet

hdc: half double crochet

dec decrease (close 2sc together)

triple dec: decrease (close 3sc together)

inc: Increase (2sc in 1str)

Note: You can use this same pattern to make this amigurumi bigger or smaller using a thread of greater or lesser thickness and depending on this thread it will be the hook number

I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I did designing it for you.

Arms (make 2)

Use lemon green color

R1: MR 6sc

R2: (2sc, 1inc)x2 (8)

R3-4: 8sc

R5: (2sc, 1dec)x2 (6)

R6-20: 6sc (90sc in total)

Leave long strand to join the body

Legs (make 2)

Use lemon green color

R1: MR 6sc

R2: 6sc

R3: (2sc, 1inc)x2 (8)

R4: (3sc, 1inc)x2 (10)

R5: (4sc, 1inc)x2 (12)

R6: 12sc

R7: (1sc, 1dec)x4 (8)

R8: 2sc, 6hdc (8)

R9-19: 8sc (88sc in total)

Cut the strand of the first leg and do not cut the strand from the second, as we will continue with the union.


R20: 2ch, in the other leg 8sc, 2sc in the 2ch, in the next leg 8sc (20)

R21: (1sc, 1inc)x10 (30)

R22: (4sc, 1inc)x6 (36)

R23-26: 36sc

R27: (7sc, 1dec)x4 (32)

R28: 32sc

R29: (6sc, 1dec)x4 (28)

R30: 28sc

R31: (5sc, 1dec)x4 (24)

R32: 24sc

R33: (4sc, 1dec)x4 (20)

R34: 20sc

R35: (8sc, 1dec)x2 (18)

R36: 18sc

R37: (7sc, 1dec)x2 (16)

R38-42: 16sc (180sc in total)

Continue with the Head

R43: 16inc (32)

R44: (3sc, 1inc)x8 (40)

R45: (7sc, 1inc)x5 (45)

R46: 45sc

R47: (14sc, 1inc)x3 (48)

R48: 48sc

R49: (23sc, 1inc)x2 (50)

R50: (24sc, 1inc)x2 (52)

R51: (25sc, 1inc)x2 (54)

R52: (26sc, 1inc)x2 (56)

R53: (27sc, 1inc)x2 (58)

R54-58: 58sc

R59: (26sc, 1 triple dec)x2 (54)

R60: (4sc, 1dec)x9 (45)

R61: 45sc

R62: (13sc, 1dec)x3 (42)

R63: (5sc, 1dec)x6 (36)

R64: (4sc, 1dec)x6 (30)

R65-66: 30sc

R67: (8sc, 1dec)x3 (27)

R68: (7sc, 1dec)x3 (24)

R69: (2sc, 1dec)x6 (18)

R70: (1sc, 1dec)x6 (12)

Close with yarn needle


Start with red thread (garnet)

R1: 5ch, in the 3rd start 3hdc. Change to white color in the last hdc

R2: 2ch, turn, 3hdc. Change to red color in the last hdc

R3: 2ch, turn, 3hdc. Change to white color in the last hdc

Repeat rounds 2 and 3 for a total of 41 rounds or the desired length for the scarf.


Este patrón es sólo para uso personal. Está prohibida su copia, traducción o distribución en ninguna forma.

Usted puede vender el resultado final de su amigurumi en la forma que elija.

Si vende su artículo terminado online proporcione un enlace a nuestro sitio web en su descripción y de ese modo también apoya nuestro proyecto

Nuestro Grinch miden aproximadamnete 24cm

Materiales que yo he utilizado:

  • Hilaza 100% Algodón Mercerizado 3mm, Colores: Verde limon, Verde hoja, Rojo Granate, blanco
  • Hilo 100% acrilico verde limon o lima, semejante al verde que utilice para el cuerpo.
  • Gancho de 2.5mm
  • Aguja Lanera 
  • Marcador temporal
  • Tijera
  • Relleno 100% hipoalergénico
  • Alfileres 
  • ojos de seguridad de 10mm
  • fieltro blanco
  • pegamento silicona


             V: vuelta

              c: cadeneta

         AM: Anillo mágico 

           Pb: punto base

        mpa: medio punto alto

          dis: disminución (cerrar 2pb juntos)

dis triple: disminución (cerrar 3pb juntos) 

         aum: Aumento (2pb en 1punto)

Nota: Usted puede utilizar este mismo patrón para hacer este amigurumi más grande o más pequeño usando un hilo de mayor o menor grosor y dependiendo de este hilo será el número de gancho

Espero disfrute de este patrón tanto como yo al diseñarlo para usted.

Brazos (hacer 2)

Utilice color verde limón

V1: AM 6pb

V2: (2pb, 1aum)x2 (8)

V3-4: 8pb

V5: (2pb, 1dis)x2 (6)

V6-20: 6pb (90pb en total)

Deje hebra larga para unir al cuerpo

Piernas (hacer 2)

Utilice color verde limón

V1: AM 6pb

V2: 6pb

V3: (2pb, 1aum)x2 (8)

V4: (3pb, 1aum)x2 (10)

V5: (4pb, 1aum)x2 (12)

V6: 12pb

V7: (1pb, 1dis)x4 (8)

V8: 2pb, 6mpa (8)

V9-19: 8pb (88pb en total)

Cortar la hebra de la primera pierna y de la segunda no corte la hebra pues continuaremos con la unión. 


V20: 2c, en la otra pierna 8pb, 2pb en las 2c, en la siguiente pierna 8pb (20)

V21: (1pb, 1aum)x10 (30)

V22: (4pb, 1aum)x6 (36)

V23-26: 36pb

V27: (7pb, 1dis)x4 (32)

V28: 32pb

V29: (6pb, 1dis)x4 (28)

V30: 28pb

V31: (5pb, 1dis)x4 (24)

V32: 24pb

V33: (4pb, 1dis)x4 (20)

V34: 20pb

V35: (8pb, 1dis)x2 (18)

V36: 18pb

V37: (7pb, 1dis)x2 (16)

V38-42: 16pb (180pb en total)

Continúe con la Cabeza

V43: 16aum (32)

V44: (3pb, 1aum)x8 (40)

V45: (7pb, 1aum)x5 (45)

V46: 45pb

V47: (14pb, 1aum)x3 (48)

V48: 48pb

V49: (23pb, 1aum)x2 (50)

V50: (24pb, 1aum)x2 (52)

V51: (25pb, 1aum)x2 (54)

V52: (26pb, 1aum)x2 (56)

V53: (27pb, 1aum)x2 (58)

V54-58: 58pb

V59: (26pb, 1dis triple)x2 (54)

V60: (4pb, 1dis)x9 (45)

V61: 45pb

V62: (13pb, 1dis)x3 (42)

V63: (5pb, 1dis)x6 (36)

V64: (4pb, 1dis)x6 (30)

V65-66: 30pb

V67: (8pb, 1dis)x3 (27)

V68: (7pb, 1dis)x3 (24)

V69: (2pb, 1dis)x6 (18)

V70: (1pb, 1dis)x6 (12)

Cerrar con aguja lanera


Comience con hilo color rojo (granate)

V1: 5c, en la 3ra comenzar 3mpa. Cambie a color blanco en el último mpa

V2: 2c, girar, 3mpa. Cambie a color rojo en el último mpa

V3: 2c, girar, 3mpa. Cambie a color blanco en el último mpa

Repita las vueltas 2 y 3 hasta tener un total de 41 Vueltas o el largo deseado para la bufanda.